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About Weld-Tec Canterbury

John Michelle from Weld-Tec Canterbury

Service Area

Christchurch, Canterbury and The South Island of New Zealand. I also travel to wherever the customer needs me to be, including internationally.

Our Team

Our small team of contractors have the capabilities, strategy, attitude and resources to continue to grow and develop the company to meet the needs of our clients.

Weld-Tec Canterbury Van in Christhcurch

Services we provide

  • Arc & Mig Welding,
  • Stainless Steel(SS) Fabrication
  • Metal & Steel Repairs & Modifications
  • Cutting & Drilling
  • Lath Work - Industrial

Products we fabricate

Stainless Steel, Sheet metal & Sheet metal fabrication repair and maintenance of; handrails, pipework, furnaces, factory equipment, process equipment, industrial plant and associated equipment including gearboxes, transmissions and pumps, compressed air—pneumatics, air cylinders, valves, actuators, head works, snowmaking equipment, insulation, pipe insulation & ducting, generators & fuel tanks, industrial generators, backup power supply, generator installation, exhaust systems, exhaust support fabrication, fuel tank, fuel tank supply, conveyors, augurs, gearbox – transmission, steel and stainless steel platforms, grills, steel and stainless steel grills, hoppers, steel and stainless steel, Railings, steel and stainless steel railings, TANKS, steel and stainless steel tanks, TUBING, steel and stainless steel tubing, HEAVY VEHICLES, steel and stainless steel heavy vehicles, PUMPS, steel and stainless steel pumps.

  • Industries we service

    • Concrete
    • Construction
    • Aggregate Supply
    • Chemical Supply/Fertiliser
    • Wine Industry
    • Printing
    • Recycling Plants
    • Transport
    • Mining
    • Quarries
    • Ski Fields
  • Health & Safety

    • Confined space training.
    • Elevated work platforms.
    • Fork lift licence.
    • Working at heights.
    • Site safe passport.
    • Impac Prequal.
    • BA course with NZ Fire service.
    • Fire fighting course with NZ Fire service at the New Plymouth training site.


The early days.

Upon dads advice to get a trade, I became a fitter welder apprentice and during that time worked on ship repairs, refrigeration projects, structural projects, factory equipment installations and various other general engineering projects. And, over the years have worked in Australia in workshops where I was part of a team that built and repaired fuel transport tankers, LPG tankers and associated equipment. Also worked in a heavy engineering factory that fabricated components for the draglines, 30'000 ton ( some of the biggest equipment of its type in the world ) earth moving equipment, for the coal fields in Australia.
Came back to NZ, worked on earth moving equipment and also worked for a company as a pipefitter welder- gas fitter.

Date started Weldtec Canterbury Ltd

1 December 1997


Since starting Weldtec Canterbury types of work/project that I have undertaken:-
  • Pipework installations. Including Ashburton / Tinwald sewer upgrade, irrigation pipework etc for various wineries around the south Canterbury - North Canterbury regions, Factory services etc.
  • Generator ( back-up power supply) installations; including fuel systems and exhaust components for water pumping etc stations in and around the Canterbury region, Christchurch International airport universities and recently for Meridian energy at Twizel South Canterbury.
  • The fabrication of concrete manufacturing equipment. Including conveyors, compressed air systems, cement handling equipment, repairs & maintenance of associated equipment.
  • The installation of cement processing/handling equipment.  Plus repairs maintenance of associated equipment.
  • General engineering of all types.
  • Compressed air / pneumatic design - installation for factory and industrial applications.
  • Stainless steel fabrication of components for ski fields
  • Commercial and industrial applications.
  • Repairs, maintenance, fabrication and installation of various equipment for the quarry/mining industries.
  • Special equipment fabrication and installation for earth moving equipment.


Our workshop contains; lathe milling machine, surface grinder, drilling machines, 80 ton & 15-ton presses, various welders and associated equipment, pipe threading and bending machines, materials handling equipment, Lots and lots of hand tools including specialist equipment.

Intustrial Lathe Weld-tec Canterbury


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